Saving Videotape

VHS-C going into a professional grade digitizing system.  No adaptor needed.

The Last VCR is Gone

Tape based VCR's and cameras are no longer manufactured.  But great family memories are tucked away on VHS, 8mm or digital tape.  These need to be saved!  Formats include: VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi8, Digital 8, Mini DV, DVCAM, 3/4", Betamax.  We convert foreign (PAL, SECAM) tapes at the highest quality and have the fastest turn around.


Why Choose Same Day Discs?

I (Mike Madden) am the owner and the person who will handle your tapes from start to finish.  I will help you organize them.  Our DVD process includes cutting out "junk" footage and you are only charged for the footage we actually archive.  DVD chapters are manually built in at scene changes that make sense, rather than every three to five minutes. Professional grade equipment and processes are used to make your footage look the best it can be.  Damaged tape?  I can fix it!  One tape or a box full, it doesn't matter: I am serious about archiving family videotape and will make your project look great.  And at a lower cost than than any local store and most online services.  And much, much faster.


Call Us

Don't send your one of a kind videotapes to an unknown place across the country.  I will come to you or you are welcome to come to Mendota Heights (by appointment).  Archiving to DVDs is $30.00 per DVD with no "per tape" charge (multiple shorter tapes can be put on a single two hour DVD with no extra charge per tape).  Archiving to a hard drive or USB flash drive is $15.00 per hour of footage.  PAL and SECAM (foreign) VHS tapes are $49.00 per DVD or $25.00 per hour to archive to a USB drive.  Call (651) 452-0546 to discuss your project.