Archiving Slides

Kodachrome slides were meant to be archived

Kodachrome: Give Us Those Nice Bright Colors

I remember those days: shooting 35mm slides with my Nikon F4 at corporate conferences; rushing the film to a processor and three hours of E6 later, picking up 2x2 slides in plastic mounts, ready to be popped into slide carousels for a multi projector slide show that afternoon.  Meanwhile I would shoot with Polaroid slide film for the last slides in the show.  To this day I still feel that excitement.  Daily, continuous slide film processing is long gone, but many family vacations and important moments still reside on slides in the garage or basement.  Archive them before it is too late.


What To Do With Them?

Gather up your slides- if they are in slide trays, just leave them in the trays.  If they are in boxes, fine!  


Slide Scans

Screen View/Internet Resolution: .25 per slide.

Highest Resolution: $2.00 per slide.

($10.00 Minimum Order).

We can archive your slides for the low cost of .25 each.  This resolution is great for viewing on a computer or tablet.  You can choose a few of your most valuable/meaningful slides or slides you want to make a large print from and have them scanned in high resolution.

Slides are saved as jpegs onto a data DVD (included) or to a flash drive (flash drive cost additional).

Turn around is usually 1-5 days.

This work is done by one person (Mike Madden) in Mendota Heights.

Don't send your valuable slides to an unknown place across the country.