Many priceless family memories are on movie film

Where It Started

   Movies!  This is where it started for me.  I bought my first Super 8 camera while I was in junior high school.  Later it turned into a business.  I shot TV spots, corporate productions and weddings on Super 8 sound film and had to find a way to transfer film to 3/4" and Beta SP tape with television broadcast quality.  I found a place in CA scanning motion pictures for Hollywood films and they adapted their 35mm system to accommodate 8mm movie film.  In 2019 and it has come full circle.  I am using equipment far superior to those days, film scanning technology that takes a picture of each frame of film.  No claw that digs into film sprockets like a projector.  The finished product can be a DVD, Blu-ray disc or hard drive, properly formatted for modern 16:9 screens.

Make the Right Choice

Don't send valuable one of a kind films to an unknown place you found on the internet.  A slick website with claims of "proprietary process" is something to be very cautious of.  Archiving movie films is not a do it yourself project, despite claims made on the internet.  A drugstore or big box store will send your films across the country.  Frame by frame film scanning (no projector, nothing to damage the film) is how Hollywood films are archived and is how I archive films.  Smaller reels will not be spliced onto larger reels and your films will be returned in the same or better condition, in their original boxes or containers.  There is no watchdog agency that assures any kind of quality standard for film archiving and people can say whatever they want on websites and advertisements.  I grew up with film.  I shot Super 8 film as a hobbyist and a professional.  I do not do a high volume of film.  My attention will be laser focused on your project; you will get the highest quality; the turn around is fast; and your films will not be sent from my place to yet another place across the country.  The cost is .30 per foot of film ($30.00 minimum charge) for regular 8, super 8 and 16mm silent film.  Additional cost for sound film.  

I Will Drive to You

If you are local, I am happy to meet you at a location and time convenient for you to discuss your family films, give you advice and options and give you an exact price quote.  Since my start in Super 8 film many years ago, I have served local customers. Through word of mouth customer recommendations I have received orders from across the country and even from other countries; I would be honored to archive your films if you are not local; call me for safe shipping advice.  If you want top quality and extreme personal attention, call me.  Mike Madden (651) 452-0546.