DVDs/Blu-ray and Archiving Tips

Converting DVDs

If you have a DVD or Blu-ray disc and want it converted to a video file for editing on a computer, we can do that for you.  The cost is $15.00 per disc plus the cost of a USB drive (or you can supply your own drive).  

DVDs and Blu-rays are a wonderful end medium; meaning, they work great for storing and viewing family memories.  They are not ideal sources to edit from.  However, if you only have a DVD and not the original videotape or movies, we can make a file that you can edit.    

DVDs cannot be accidentally erased and are not prone to catastrophic, total failure like a hard drive.  Even so, it is recommended that a clone disc is made every few years (maybe every 5-10 years) to insure you always have fresh media.  Same Day Discs uses only top grade professional quality media and the equipment we use to make the discs is top quality.  Low quality media and/or a low quality DVD burner can result in discs with a shorter archival life.  That's why it is good policy to have your family memories stored multiple ways, such as more than one DVD.  We recommend at least three copies; at least two should be physical media like DVD, Blu-ray or hard drive; and one could be in a cloud service.  One copy of the physical media should be considered the "archival" collection and stored safely, not used.