Saving Audio Tape


Things Have Changed

I grew up with audio tape.  As a kid, I would record audio "skits" onto reel to reel tape with neighborhood friends.

I used to record local bands at bars and night clubs in the Twin Cities area using a large reel to reel tape machine.  I had a job installing eight track and cassette players in cars.  I had a job recording and distributing radio spots to Minnesota radio stations.  They were distributed on reel to reel tape.  Things have definitely changed!  You might have some precious audio recordings of family members on cassette or reel to reel.


Save These Precious Recordings

Audio tape recorders have not been made for many years.  If you've got a valuable recording, it is time to save it to a CD or file.  We can do it right here, locally.  I save vinyl records to CDs or files too!  Albums are $19.95 each; 45 singles, $4.99 each, with audio clean up, saved to CD.


Don't Send Your Tape Away

Don't send your one of a kind audio tape to an unknown place.  

I will come to you or you are welcome to come to Mendota Heights (appointment only).

When you call (651) 452-0546 you will speak to the owner, Mike Madden, the same person who will handle your project start to finish.

Cassette conversion is $19.95 per tape.  Reel to reel, $40.00 per hour.