VideoTape To DVD Transfer Minneapolis St Paul

Video to DVD Transfer Minneapolis

We transfer VHS, VHS-C, 8mm and Digital 8 tape to DVDs.  We make a menu and set chapter points manually, not with automated software or a DVD recorder that makes a chapter at set intervals, like every 3 or 5 minutes.  Sections of black or video noise are cut out, so your footage is “cleaned up.”  We use professional equipment to insure that your footage looks as good as it can look.  Tape detiorates over time.  Don’t wait any longer to preserve your precious family memories.  There is a difference among transfer services.

We do this work in house-we do not send your valuable originals across the country.  Trust us, we will do it right.

  • $30.00 per DVD (can fit up to two hours on one DVD).
  • Includes a pro grade DVD (Everest printed with custom title).
  • We highly recommend that in addition to the pro grade DVD, you get an Archival Master DVD.  ISO Certified Archival Grade DVD, add $10.00.

What is an “ISO Certified Archival Grade” DVD?  Simply put, it is the best method available for long term archiving of your precious memories.  First, we use a special DVD that is certified by the International Standards Organization’s rigid testing and specifications to be the best disc available.  We then burn it in an industrial grade writer that insures the highest possible recording quality.  Finally, we analyze the recorded DVD for jitter and error rate.  The result is a disc that we can be confident will work for years to come.

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