Movie Film to DVD Transfer Minneapolis St Paul

Movie Film to Video Transfer Minneapolis St Paul

Properly converting movie film to DVD is a craft.  Same Day Discs owner Michael Madden was a Super 8 film shooter and we have learned the hard way that there is a huge range of quality among film transfer services.  We will handle your film carefully.  It will not be sent across the country to another facility.  The technician who handles your film is the same one Michael discovered 30 years ago when he shot TV spots on Super 8 film.  Common problems we have seen with film transfers elsewhere include: flicker, the wrong speed (usually slight fast motion), dark edges, cropping the frame, soft edges.  We can create a finished DVD of your footage or we can save your footage to a portable hard drive for your further editing.  You can trust your film to us.

Our prices include a pro grade DVD (Everest Printed) with custom title.

  • .22 per foot, plus $3.00 per reel.
  • We strongly recommend an ISO Certified Archival Grade DVD Master, as well: $10.00 additional (per two hours of footage).
  • We may need to add leaders pr repair broken slices or sprocket holes at an additional cost.  We have a minimum order of 400 feet for movie film.  If you have less than 200’, the charge is the same as 400’.
  • But if you can wait, we will combine your order with someone else’s to avoid the minimum charge, so not to worry.

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